In 1991, SigEp sent a shortwave through the fraternity world by passing Resolution 37. The resolution, passed by SigEp’s undergraduates and fraternity officials, called for a member development program that would “transform the pledging process…to emphasize achievement in the chapter, campus, and community.” Focused on continual, holistic member development that promotes balanced living and combats destructive behavior, the Balanced Man Program is more than just a program – it’s the center of the SigEp experience. The Balanced Man Program focuses on six areas of development:


SigEp: Knowledge and understanding of the Fraternity.


Sound Mind: Intellectual and academic growth and performance.


Sound Body: Physical health and wellness.


Personal: Emotional and cultural growth.


Leadership: Growth and experience as a leader.


Professional:  Preparation for career success.

The Balanced Man Scholarship is designed for incoming freshmen at WSU who exemplify the values of the Balanced Man Program in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Every year, Sigma Phi Epsilon at WSU awards over $2,000 in scholarships to incoming freshmen, and is available to all incoming male students, not just those planning on joining SigEp. The application is below, and easy to complete. Just tell us a bit about yourself, what you’ve done, and why you think you exemplify our principles of a Balanced Man. Incoming freshmen can apply here.